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Friday, May 28

3 no 4 new projects started!

I got started on my MSAL (mystery stitch along) last Wednesday and had to frog (rip it out) all 2 hours worth of work! But I got it going again this week and its coming along nicely now. I can't wait to see what it's gonna be. So far we only have the first piece and it will be at least a few more weeks till we get the 2nd one. Jenn told us there will be 5 parts total so it will be 4 1/2 more months till we know what the entire design is gonna look like

I had to put aside the Oriental kit tho since I joined the exchange in Jenns group, the Red White & Blue exchange. At first I thought I was gonna do an eagle I found in a magazine by Pam Kellogg, but when I got it all started to work on it I realized there was just way too much color changes and it would take too long to do since it was bigger then what was called for and I only have about a month to finish it, I put that aside and I will do it for myself at some point So then I found a freebie and sort of turned that into a red white and blue pattern, I won't say what just yet in case the person I get for the exchange reads this But I had a few ideas anyway. I just hope it comes out as good as it looks in my mind! I got some of it done but its too early to tell if I will like it, kind of scares me tho since I don't have a whole lot of time if I don't like it. And maybe the person who gets it will hate it

Then theres the Summer exchange that I started in my group... I found the perfect pattern in a magazine for this one! Its really cute, so much so that I may have to stitch it 2 times so I have one too

Today I got the SSS floss in the mail that I ordered to do the SanMan Originals freebie that I like, I hope to get to that before the summer is over. But at the rate I'm going I doubt it! I still have to finish that Oriental kit and my Easter project! I still haven't gotten back to my Mermaid that I really want to do That one is gonna take some time to finish when I actually get going on it... Its the biggest project I've ever attempted.

Ohhhhh and last week I went to a used book store and I found a bunch of old magazines and leaflets for .29 each!! So I got 14 of them. One of them was a TW called Chestnut, its a rocking horse. I looked thru all the magazines and theres not really too many things I will actually stitch, but you never know...

The bingo game on my group has ended and Judith was the winner!! YAY Judith Now she will start to host the new game in the next week or so... I don't know if I want to join in yet or not. I feel like I shouldn't since I'm the owner of the group and would feel odd if I won, but then I would get to host one so that would be fun!

Ok so there's all my stitching news for now LOL


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You absolutely must join the bingo round. It matters not that you are the group leader! Especially since there is chocolate on the line!!! I am still working on my Blue Jean Teddy blanket and on the Summer exchange. I haven't started the mystery stitch yet. I bought all the floss and fabric for it yesterday (Thursday) so I might get started on it tomorrow. I also picked up another dolphin kit for my friend at I have 4 to finish for her...but they are for gifts at diff times of the year so it isn't like she is expecting them. I just love giving things to people.
Comment from tracyj1127 - 5/29/04 3:21 AM

8:25 PM, July 15, 2004  

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