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Monday, June 21

NEX meeting

On Saturday I got to meet up with Mary, Jenn, Robin Day, Kirsten, Joyce and Janey at Yankee Cross stitch in New Hampshire.. We had soooo much fun shopping and chatting and then went to lunch after at Spuds, were they also showed off all the RR everyone was working on and let me say they were GREAT!! I am not part of any RR right now, but I hope to do one someday soon now that I've seen them in person like that! Its so great to see everyones work all on one fabric like that.

At lunch Mary slipped me a little birthday gift! ok little is not the right word here LOL she gave me some really great things... She gave me Teddies on the Line pattern by Leisure Arts, Patriotics melons chart by Stitchy Kitty that came with the varigated floss it needed to stitch it, she gave me lots of beads I had on my wish list to stitch the Angel of Fantasy that I have waiting in my stash to stitch someday, she also gave me beading needles and a tacky bob to make stitching with beads more easy :) she gave me a few silk threads which let me tell you feels like heaven! and some Week Dye Works speacial dyed threads that I had on my wishlist for a project I hope to get to soon and some special floss Whisper threads which is furry like for a bunnies tail or Santas beard :) and also some stickers which she did well choosing Butterflies, Bunnies and Wolves! (tell me she doesn't know me well!) Thank you again OHH SO MUCH Mary!

OK on to what I bought for myself :) I got myself the chart I've been looking for since last summer called The Butterfly by Cross My Heart, I now need to get the kreinik blending floss for this since the wings are gonna be iridescent! Oh this one is gonna be so beautiful when finished! and such a pain to stitch lol but it will be worth it in the end.... and I got myself another chart by Serendipity Designs (really love their stuff) It's called English Rose and looks like the roses that my grandmother used to have growing in her garden when she was alive and also a little butterfly flying above the roses which also reminds me of her since I believe the locket she wore around her neck when I was small is where my love of butterflies comes from in the first place :) So when this one is done it will be a very nice reminder of her. I think I will do that one next after all the exchanges are finished. I also got some John James petite needles since I've heard from so many people that they are great to stitch with (I hope so at 3.00 a package lol) I got an Anchor multi color floss, and some christmas light buttons for an LK I want to do someday.

Yankee Cross Stitch is just an AMAZING store!! There were finished projects all over the walls which were just amazing, I just stood there gawking at them lol forgetting I was supposed to be shopping lol and the store was packed with so much stitching stuff that I don't even think it all sunk in! I was just in a daze seeing it all :)

I think everyone had a great time, I know I did and it was so great to see Mary and Jenn especially since we've become quite the little chatters these last few months lol

I must have bored anyone reading this to pieces by now so I will shut up and go get ready for dinner. Don't know where anyone is but its my BIRTHDAY and everything my Mother said I was gonna do yesterday hasn't happen so I guess I will go get something to eat and stitch and watch soaps LOL


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