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Wednesday, June 16

ohh I give up LOL

I gave up on the apple pie today.. I hate that thing and could never give it to someone as a gift, maybe someday soon I will FROG all the work I did on it and just save the fabric for something else.

I started somthing new :) I found a nice pattern in an old book that just has the words "God Bless America". It's bigger then what the exchnage calls for, but it looks easy to do and I'm NOT changing anything from the pattern this time!! I think I learned my lesson there...

I've already finished 2 of the letters in a short time so I think I will be fine in getting it done by the end of next week. I was really hoping I could have it done by this Saturday since I will be meeting the person its for and thought I could save myself the postage, but thats not gonna happen :(

I am really excited about the meeting tho! :) we are having a little get together at the Yankee Cross stitch store in New Hampshire and then to lunch after. We will be about 10 memebers from Jenns New Englands stitchers group. I'm also getting nervous about it :( what if everyone hates me.... or thinks I'm stuck up cuz I'm shy in person and not so much online :(

ahhh well its after midnight and I need to take a shower and stitch while I watch Summerland (LOVE that show) ... then to bed I go



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