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Monday, July 19

Cross Stitch Magazines!

The other night I won and eBay bid for 5 Crazy for Cross Stitch magazines!!  They were $6.00 total with the shipping!  :)  great deal...

Then today I went to Barnes and Nobel to use my gift certificate that I earned on
My Points I got 3 British Mags... The British Cross Stitcher, Cross Stitch Crazy and The World of Cross Stitch.  The issues I got all are the July issues I believe, I know the World of Cross Stitch already has a Sept. Issue out which has a really nice Tatty Teddy pattern in it!!  I hope to get that one when I go to use my Border Books gift certificate.  :)

And then I went to the used book store and while there I had a peek at the magazine rack and was pleasantly surprised!! There had to be close to 200 stitching magazines! The Cross Stitcher, Just Cross Stitch, Stoney Creek, Cross Country Stitching and more.. They even had a few older issues of New Stitches the magazine Tina mentioned last week in StarCS, but they were ripped and didn't look too interesting. I had a blast looking thru them all, most of them were really old issues of the Cross Country Stitching and I don't really like that one at all.. There were a lot of Just Cross Stitch, but I only found one with patterns in it that I liked, there were 2 old Stoney Creeks and I choose one of those that had a really nice 4th of July pattern in it. The other 7 were The Cross Stitcher issues from 1995-1997. I didn't even look at what was in these... I always loved this magazine best so I figure later on tonight I will glance thru them while watchig TV :) So anyway all 9 magazines came to a total of only $2.75!!!!

I'll be sure to post what great patterns I find in those 7 Cross Stitchers and my British mags...


Blogger Chas said...

Man, you're dedicated...I've been cross stitching the same thing since first semester of my senior year in high school....I'll be 25 on Friday...and it's not even close to finished...that's a, so far, seven and half years. You must have discipline (and better wrists than I).

11:39 PM, July 19, 2004  
Blogger Queenie said...

Sounds like you hit the jack pot!! :)

Happy Stitching,
Debs in TX

11:43 PM, July 20, 2004  
Blogger Butterfly Amy said...

You'd be surprised how dedicated you become when you are running 2 cross stitch groups! I used to be lucky to finish something once a year, and so far I've finished 5 I think this year.
Seeing all the finished photos and starting fun exchanges and stitch a longs gives you motivation to pick up the projects at least a few times a week.

12:17 AM, July 22, 2004  

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