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Thursday, July 15

Exchange updates

I didn't get to the Post Office yet to mail Kirstens Red White & Blue exchange. Tomorrow I should be able to do that since I will be in Winthrop and I have to return a Library book there and also I have a bill that needs to be mailed.

As for my Summer exchange, I didn't work on that last night at all.. so tonight I need to do double so this one won't be late because of the mess up with that red white & blue exchange and the apple pie I tried to stitch. So far on the summer exchange the only thing thats stitched is one flower and 1 wing of a butterfly LOL.

I've got all my stuff ready to start the Pink Rose SAL in StarCS... Only thing left it to decide to use the Victorian Blue Aida I got from or use one that Robin is gonna dye for me :)

My MSAL in NEX needs some attention BAD!! Jenn had an announcment today that she will be sending out the 3rd part this weekend and I didn't finish the 1st part yet! But as soon as the Summer exchange is done, that's next on my list, and then to the Pink Rose SAL.

OK I better stop yapping about what I need to stitch and start stitching!


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