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Tuesday, July 13

Summer exchange in StarCS

The other night I started the summer exchange for my group StarCrossedStitchers.

I'm not gonna talk about it too much in case my partner reads this blog :) But I will say there is 4 parts to it and about 1/2 of the first part is done so far.

I downloaded the program called Hello last night... It's to upload pictures to the blog which you can see I have done in the entry before this.... You can click on the picture to enlarge it which I think is a great feature! With my old journal you didn't really get a good view of the pictures.
Hello seems like a really great program.. You can send pictures to friends with it too and its very easy to use and most importantly its FREE!

I also got a DoodleBoard into my Blog, I think this will be a lot of fun!! I took some time to make it pretty too LOL

OK off to stitch for awhile!


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