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Saturday, July 10


I'm so happy!! I finally finished my red white and blue exchange! It's way late, but I don't think Kirstens too upset about it :)

Now I need to get working on my summer exchange since that needs to be mailed out no later then Aug. 7th... I think I will be fine with this one lol no changing colors or anything and it looks like a fairly easy design ;) there are a lot of color changes in the pattern but I think it'll be ok

We had a group chat today, it was nice and would be better if only my AOL and Yahoo would get along! I don't know why but Yahoo kicks me out of that chat every 10 or 15 min and when it does and I try to get back in it freezes AOL! and then when I try to restart AOL sometimes that freezes my computer... SIGH why can't it just be happy :)

I also got a Stoney creek magazine that I need to scan in some pics and give it my little review of the issue.

The Cross Stitcher is on my BAD list this month! I never received the magazine and 2 weeks after it should have been here I gave the company a call.... they tell me they will add an issue to the end of my subscription, now I need to be sure they do that! But they expect me to go to the store and buy this issue.... this seems so unfair considering that the thing is 3.00 more dollars to buy in the store then it is to get as a subscription.... And if I hadn't already looked at it when I was in the store I would say the heck with it, but there were a few patterns that looked really really nice!

ahhhh well, my computer may have a virus or something so I am gonna go do a scan while I'm stitching and hopefully it will be all better for the soap chat I need to host tonight!


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