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Thursday, August 5

I don't have any stitching updates today...

But I do have some
Butterfly & Bunnies Xstitch group news!

We now have 41 members! Just 2 weeks ago we had only about 15 and the last few days they have been pouring in like mad!

I advertised the group on a stitching magazine forum and one of the designers for this months magazine happen to come across my post and joined my group...

Nathalie is a wonderful woman and even designed a freebie just for my group! Anyway she happen to mention my group to some of her friends in another group and about 10 people so far have joined since then. :)

We have got at least 12 people now in the Teddy Bear SAL... It's gonna be a lot of fun since none of us are doing the same design and we will get to see many Teddies stitched when we are done.

I had an idea for an exchange, but that's not going to be happening right now :(
I was being the too good person that I am and made an effort to be sure someone didn't think I was stealing their idea and guess what??? They bitched at me that I stole their idea!! Which is so completly unfair given the fact that my group is about PETS (bunnies, puppies, kittens ummm sounds like pets to me!?) It was an idea that I thought was something different, to send a chart or small kit with a theme according to your partners favorite pet choice and a gift for their pet :) this was the reason why I started this group 2 months ago!

anyway once on her group I saw this exchange was already started. I only joined this womans group about a week ago because a friend of mine was a moderator for the group and asked me if I'd like too... well the dumbest part about this is I wasn't sure I could even be in another group and had my messages set not to be sent to my email and figured I would read from the group for a while and see if I could keep up. So in this email that she yapped at me in she also said post or leave the group.. So you bet your sweet butt I left before I even finished reading the rest of the email!

*** Hey, maybe she stole it from me since I had it on the front page of my group that ALL exchanges, trades and RRs will be with those themes!

Sigh, some people I will just never understand..
What I should of said was that I didn't need her permission to do anything in my own group anyway and that she didnt have a copyright to the freaking idea in the first place, but I just left the group and kept my mouth shut.

So anyway....
It was really cold today compared to what it's been lately! I'm so glad I took my sweatshirt with me while I was at the beach. I went to dinner with my Mother and then went to the beach since I haven't been there in a few weeks now. There's just something about the salt water and waves that calm your nerves when your upset about something :)


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