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Friday, August 20

OK so I promised I would show some work on my Halloween ghost kitty..

Well here's the thing, It's starting to storm really bad out there right now and when I am done writing this entry I really should shut down the computer, don't know if it will clear up tonight, they are predicting a severe storm for tonight and more storms tomorrow. Which will be a good thing for tonight since I want to get some work done on my Summer exchange, but a bad thing for tomorrow afternoon since I need to host the StarCS chat from 2-4.

Ohhh it is scary dark out there right now!
I love storms :) Makes me just want to go stand in the middle of it and look up at the sky!
LOL Mike and I used to do that a few years ago when we were working across the hall from each other at the mall. People would look at us like we were nuts, and so we were ;) We'd come back in drenched from the storm and laughing like crazy lol Nothing better to get through your day then to remember what it's like to be a kid and not worry so much about your hair and clothes getting a little wet :)

Off to read a few emails and shut this down.


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