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Sunday, August 29

Unconscious Mutterings

Game Boy: Purple because that is what color my "un-used" Game Boy is

Biopsy: Sadness

Attack: something I don't wish to talk about :(

Convention: LE

Jewels: The Cocketiel we found in the yard and named her Jewel becuase she used to sit on my shoulder and try to eat my earrings

Genetics: James Patterson When the Wind Blows

Impostor: for some reason I see this dark alley with a guy in a long black trench coat and a big hat pulled down over his face LOL

Doug: that stupid cartoon that was on Nickelodeon a fews years back that my sister watched all the time

Arbitrary: With this word an ex boyfriend of mine comes to mind and I don't even know what the word means? Does some band have this name or something that sounds like it?

Oscillate: Well I had to look up this word to know that it means to swing from side to side, to travel back and forth between 2 points or vary between 2 thoughts, or feelings.
So I guess this word reminds me that we all still need to learn something new each day :)


    Blogger Chas said... little brother watched Doug as well. I was still kinda young, but it wasn't quite my thing either.

    6:43 AM, August 30, 2004  

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