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Sunday, August 8

We had a very nive StarCS chat today :) Claudia, Frances, Judith, Lyne and Teresa were there and the time just flew by so fast!

Now tomorrow I will get back to work on my Summer Exchange, and hopefully will finish it soon.

The B&B group is just hopping with so many new members and all kinds of talk about the SAL.. this is really gonna be a lot of fun, more and more of the members are asking for albums in the group and want to be part of it. I think since everyone will be doing their own pattern it will be interesting to see all the projects as they progress.

I had a thought last night about expanding the theme to all animals... but I don't know if some people would appreciate the change so I don't think I'll do that just yet. I did mention it tho in the group and who knows it might actually be more fun. I was inspired by the 2 patterns I got at Wal-mart last night... I'll show the photos after this entry. Wal-mart started to carry the Janlynn Just-a-charts really cheap and I just couldnt resist some of them and bought 3! One of them is a 4 seasons chairs design and the other 2 are of a tiger and a lion with their faces in the sky...


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