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Friday, September 3

Fridays Feast

If someone gave you 3 new goldfish today, what would you name them?
Nemo, Shark, & Peach

What's the worst movie you've seen this year so far?
I haven't really seen many movies other then a few TV movies and I can't say any was really bad enough to mention.

If given the chance and you could pick the person, would you want to switch lives with someone on earth for one whole day?
Yes, any guy cuz I would LOVE to figure out how their mind works!

Main Course
What's your favorite season? Name 2 things you love about it.
Fall, I love the cool air and the leaves that turn beautiful colors here in New England :) I actually have a picture in my room of the foliage that I leave up all year long I love it so much :)

What is something you frequently buy that you don't really need?
LOL!! More cross stitch patterns!!!


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