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Thursday, September 2

Thursdays Tattle


How many pets do you have? 5

What are there names? Taylor, Wrinkles, Mickey, Minnie & Snoopy

What are they? Taylor is a Yorkie mix, Wrinkles is half Sharpei/half pitbull and the others are Cocketiels

What is the best thing they have ever done? loving me is all I ever need :)

What is the worst thing they have ever done? LOL Taylor has eaten the rug in front of the door in my bedroom and the door frame in the bathroom because he doesn't like to be left alone .... Wrinkles has torn wall paper right off the wall when he was a puppy

Do they do any tricks? The normal.... sit, stay, give me your paw, lay down :) Mickey can say "Mickey is a pretty bird" and "Hi Mickey"


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