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Wednesday, November 3

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This is a Lizzie Kate design called Trick or Treat.. I finished it Sunday night :) It just needs a button attatched to the string in her hand... Supposed to be a moon button, but I'm not understanding what the moon has to do with the little witch behind candy corn, so I'm not sure yet what button I will attatch to it! I'm now doing the companion piece called Plumpkin... I might make them into pillows for next year, or maybe get a few Halloween pieces together and make a little wall hanging, not sure just yet :)
But the stitching is finished on this one anyway!


Blogger Chas said...

That will make a very cute Halloween decoration. I especially like the color of the cloth. Good job!

9:32 PM, November 07, 2004  
Blogger Butterfly Amy said...

Thanks Chastity! I'm very pleased with it too :) Now to get the 2nd one done and get back to the Halloween kitty and then back to the teddy bear Griffon I posted a few weeks ago too LOL

12:37 AM, November 09, 2004  
Blogger Mia said...

Amy, I like your finished project. What a cutie!! I just saw this in my LNS finished as a pillow hanger type decoration. Very cute!!! I enjoy looking at what you are stitching. I need all the motivation I can get these days. :)

12:59 PM, November 09, 2004  
Blogger Tracy-Madame Stitch-a-Lot said...

OMG!!! I forgot to tell you that I haven't had time to go by my LNS to see what buttons they have that would look good...BAD GIRL! I will look as soon as I get the chance! BTW it's very cute!

11:56 PM, November 09, 2004  

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