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Saturday, December 18

This link was posted in one of my cross stitch groups today and I thought it was just way too funny not to share :)

Stitching update:
I finished my 2nd Halloween L*K over a week ago.. I'll post a pic of the piece right away.
I'm now finishing up Boo! The 3rd Halloween piece (actually the first one I started, I had an update a while back with the kitty in the ghost costume)
I wasted too much time on Halloween this year and didn't do anything for Christmas :(

There was a freebie on the San Man Originals message board (Sandy is giving out 12 for the 12 days of Christmas.. You should go join!!) anyway, there's one called Hanging out till the holidays and its 5 ornaments hanging on a tree branch :) I printed it out with hopes of doing it, but if I don't finish my Halloween on today or tomorrow there is no way I'll finish that one in time for Christmas. It's a small freebie, but I think I've proved I'm the slowest stitcher on earth! Well truthfully I'm always sidetracked when I sit to stitch, phone, tv...whatever lol

But I promise to have Boo! finished up before Christmas!


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