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Sunday, January 23

We are buried under 3 feet of snow!

They just said on the news that we've had over 30 inches of snow and at least 10 more inches is expected before this storm is over!! They've already cancelled school for the next 2 days... I'm sure all the kids are happy :) The last time I remember then doing that was when I was a Sr. in 1993.. we had SO many storms that year and none of them were even close to how bad this one is!

I've taken some photos of our street, stairs and yard this morning.
Can you believe they still have not yet plowed since this storm began yesterday evening around 5:30??
See my pictures here

Now off to take a warm shower (brrrrrr so cold out there!) and make some nice hot soup and hot cocoa! Then to do some stitching and catch up on Fridays soap operas and the 2nd episode of Point Pleasant, which by the way was actually very good!


Blogger Chas said...

I've seen snow like that only once in my entire know, in person that is. I'm so jealous! If we got snow like that the kids would be out of school for two weeks....which means I'd be out of work for 2 weeks...and that would be fine with me :).

3:55 PM, January 23, 2005  

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