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Saturday, February 19

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I've gotten this email so many times in the past few years... and every time I do it makes me cry. So I decided to share it here :)
I've been stitching on my special quilt a lot and it will be done soon, hopefully by next weekend.
I then signed up for a few more quilt squres, 1 for a group owner of another group I'm in, and 3 for children with terminal illnesses. The first one I can't talk about since its a surpise, but one of the quilts for the children will be a Sanrio piece "Hello Kitty" and the other 2 will be a boy and a girl bunny sitting on the moon.
All 4 are much simpler then the one I've been doing now and I should I have them all finished up before May.
OK back to hosting my Stitching Chat for the "Stars" :)


Blogger Isabelle said...

Hi Amy, hope you're doing fine!
That's a cute email you shared with us, thank you :)

Those quilt squares are a great idea. They're doing the same thing for UK National stitch week for children with kidney diseases. I wish there was the same kind of action in France, it's kind of hard to find such initiatives.

Have a great Sunday! :o)

3:10 AM, February 20, 2005  

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