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Saturday, March 26

I've had a hard time posting a message today...kept redirecting me to an error page.

Anyway I've been without the internet most of this week due to problems with the computer and also some family that tooth that I had pulled a couple of weeks ago? sigh...thats not healing properly and I've had a really sore jaw and saw the dentist yesterday and he told me it was a dry socket and hopefully the healing process should begin now. Why can't I do anything the easy way? lol

Haven't gotten as much stitching as I hoped to get done for this month's just been crazy lately. I've got an update in my photo album (you can find the photo in the first album titled WIP) of the quilt square for charity that I've started. It had solid colors and was easier to work on when my head was achy then the other quilt square which had sooooo many color changes. This one doesn't look like much more then a yellow blob so far..but what you will be looking at is the top of a half a moon. There will be a little girl bunny sitting on the moon once finished. There are 2 in the set the other one is a little boy bunny...they are really sweet and I hope to have them finished up with in a month or so.

I've finally got caught up with most of my group posts that I missed while offline, and figured I'd give an update here.
Hope everyone is doing well and has a wonderful holiday weekend.

Thought I would share the links to a few of the groups I run, if anyone visiting my blog would like to check them out and join please feel free to do so:

Cross Stitch Group for all stitching topics:

Cross Stitch Group for doing SALs together (just started):

Womens Reading Group:

A Womens Group for all topics:

Soap opera discussions (for ABC soaps):


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