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Monday, April 18

Stitching Question of the week

Do you "stitch with the seasons?" (This could be reflected by the colors that you stitch with, the themes that you choose, or even that during your favorite season you stitch more (or less) than in others.)

I do tend to start projects with a theme of a season in that season and sometimes when the season is over I put it down for something new ... but there are times I end up finishing things up in a different season. For instance right now I am looking to finish up an Easter project from last Easter.. I had put it aside with thoughts of finishing it this Easter, but that didn't happen since I had a deadline to meet for somethig else.

I think I stitch more in the Autumn & Spring.... When its warm enough to leave the windows open and feel the ocean breeze :) I really don't stitch as much in the hot summer months.


This weekend I didn't get any stitching time in like I had planned.... on Friday night late my Grandfather called with pains in his chest and was rushed to the hospital where he was until he was released this afternoon. They thought he had Angina, but it turns out he had a virus and ended up having panic attacks from being scared of the pain from the virus.

So the plan now is to finish the Good Fortune kit by next weekend...


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