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Saturday, May 7


Finishing SBQ Do you finish all your finished pieces? (pillow, frame, etc,) If so, how do you finish the pieces? If not what do you do with them?

To be honest....most of my projects are just sitting in a pile in a bag just waiting to be framed some day! It cost too much to frame professionaly these days and will only do that for really special projects like Angel of Fantasy when I get her finished. I've also wanted to start quilting someday as well, but haven't learned how yet. I have made some of my finishes into pillows and ornaments and given a few as gifts framed the easy way with stitcky board (I know a big no no!) But I figured nothing I've given will really be around in 50 years anyway lol

Freebie SBQ What is your opinion of Internet "freebies?"

I've found a few really nice freebies! But most are just ugly, small & boring! When the EMS Babies were freebies they were great and I looked forward to them all the time! EMS still has a lot of great freebies available but I still miss those babies! The Vermillion monthly freebies have been great as well (though I am not really impressed with this years theme). I also love some of the freebies from this Italian site!

I haven't been stitching as much as I'd like to....been really busy lately and haven't had much time and when I do my allergies have been acting up and its really hard to stitch when your eyes are itchy, watery and sticky!! :(
I did get a little done last night and early this afternoon and hope to do a little more tonight. I've given up trying to finish the Good Fortune kit by tomorrow! I just didn't work on it as often as I could of. I'll still get it done for my Mother it just won't be part of her Mothers Day gift this year either lol

I'll scan some photos of my work to show this week. And I will be starting the flower quilt square this week as well.


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