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Monday, May 30

Went to a sale at a used book store and got 10 books for 3.52! YAY! :)
Here's what I got:

Pay Dirt by Rita Mae Brown
Pawing Through the Past by Rita Mae Brown
Claws and Effect by Rita Mae Brown
Catch as Cat Can by Rita Mae Brown
The Cat Who Played Brahms by Lillian Jackson Braun
Yankee Doodle Dead by Carolyn Hart
The Lottery Winner by Mary Higgins Clark
Two Cooks A Killing by Joanne Pence
Trouble Becomes Her by Laura Van Wormer
Forever and Always by Jude Deveraux

With the exception of the last 2 they are all part of a series so I guess I'll be going to the library to get the rest ;) But they look like some really great books!!

I'm really looking forward to reading Forever and Always.. its a story about a woman with psychic abilities :)

So did I get any stitching done today? NOPE once again! I never even picked up a needle since last night when I posted last. ahhhh well there goes this months goals haha


Blogger Chas said...

Like Rita Mae Brown much??? Let us know how you like them!!

5:22 PM, May 31, 2005  
Blogger Butterfly Amy said...

Hi Chas! :)

I stared my book blog back up:

So everything I read you can see what I think on that site..

I've actually never read a Rita Mae Brown book yet, but I've really gotten into that style (Cozy Mysteries) this year and I just got the first book to that series in the library last week, which I'll start reading sometime this week after I finish my current read.

I'm kind of slow since I only get about an hour of reading in each day..

Thanks for the comment!

11:14 PM, May 31, 2005  

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