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Saturday, June 4

June Stitching Goals:

1. Finish the Bunny on the moon (for Love Quilts)
2. Start - half finish Tulips (Spring SAL)
3. Start Angel of Fantasy SAL
4. Get fabric for Mermaid Heaven
5. Start Mermaid Heaven SAL
6. Kit up Classic Car charity SAL
7. Work on Good Fortune kit at least 2 times

That is what I hope to accomplish stitching wise for the month of June, I don't know if I will actually get to it all, but we are doing goals in my Yahoo stitching group put together by

While on the subject of stitching I have to say 123Stitch is AMAZING!! I placed the order for the fabric late Thursday afternoon/early evening... And yesterday afternoon I got an email saying the order has been processed and shipped already! So I guess I will be getting it Monday, I didn't expect to get it this fast! I've only ordered from Stitching Bits and Bobs and ABC Stitch therapy, well as much as I love Stitching Bits and Bobs sales and their shipping costs I've had to wait over a month for my order to be shipped the last couple of times! ABC Stitch shipped within a week, but their shipping was a lot higher. Anyway point to all that lol as long as my order is what I expect it to be then I think 123 Stitch will be my new fave online stitching store :)

June reading goals:

1. Finish - Forever...A Novel of Good and Evil, Love and Hope by Jude Deveraux
2. Read - Wish you Were Here by Rita Mae Brown
3. Read - Getting Over Jack Wagner by Elise Juska
4. Start - Play Dead by Leslie O'Kane

I most likely won't finish them all this month, but they are library books so I've got to do it by at least mid-July. I'll probably get a lot read on Wednesday trips to New Hampshire since its a 2hour ride both ways in one day.. What else is there to do in a car when someone else is driving? haha

Veronica Mars Summer Repeats On UPN!
Has anyone watched Veronica Mars??
So this is my Plea! LOL

Us fans are trying to get the ratings up this summer and they are re-airing some of last years episodes in hopes to gain more fans.. soooo here is the summer schedule:

Date Episode (Episodes air Wednesdays at 9PM)
6/14/05 "Pilot"
6/15/05 "Return of the Kane"
6/22/05 "An Echolls Family Christmas"
6/29/05 "Silence of the Lamb"
7/6/05 "Clash of the Tritons"
7/13/05 "Lord of the Bling"
7/20/05 "Mars vs. Mars"
7/27/05 "Russkie Business"


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