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Wednesday, July 6

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This is my progress on the tulips as of 6/30/05, I've actually done a little more this past weekend while at our cottage in New Hampshire. But I won't bother with another scan until it's finished.

The 4th of July weekend was nice and we had great weather... But I once again forgot to take my digital camera!

I was supposed to begin working on Mermaid Heaven this past weekend with Jenn and Carol, but so far I haven't had a chance to stitch that much. I hoped to finish the tulips first and thought I would have that done, but our weekend ended up being much busier then expected! 3 BBQs and a great fireworks display!

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend


Blogger Carol said...

Hi Amy - Looking forward to your Mermaid Heaven pics when you get your chance to start it :-)

11:10 PM, July 07, 2005  
Blogger rambler said...

Hi Amy,

Those tulips are very beautiful. I am impressed with your work. You are a very good stitcher. I also have a book journal and it is on AOL. I put it on my sidebar so you can access it.


6:27 PM, July 26, 2005  
Blogger Butterfly Amy said...

Thanks Anita!

Carol, there will be an update soon! I've started her, just haven't done too much stitching the past couple of weeks

12:17 AM, July 28, 2005  

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