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Wednesday, September 7

So I've been missed!! Thanks Scully for leaving me a doodle board message :)

I just haven't been stitching at all! I really haven't stitched for over a month now! I've been doing a lot of reading instead. Its been hot and humid and my allergies have been pretty bad, I just can't get into stitching when my allergies act up because my eyes are sticky and blurry and I end up messing up because I can't see the symbols that well LOL But finally Fall is upon us! YAY! And I'm more then ready to begin stitching again... first up is my Classic Car piece since that is a Charity square for Love Quilts. I've also got to do 2 Looney Tunes sqaures for Love Quilts after that as well. Hopefully in between I will also get to work on Angel of Fantasy and Mermaid Heaven (photos in the blogs sidebar) once again. I know
Jenn and Carol have probably given up on me with Mermaid Heaven, but I did work on her in July.. I just never took a scan of the progress yet. I'll get to that soon :)

We've had a wild couple of days here, we went to visit with my Grandfather at the cottage in New Hampshire on Sunday and while we were there he got stung by a bee (AGAIN!) and rushed to the hospital, but he is doing fine now. He gets so scared since he is allergic, but he had his epipen and used it right away and the only thing he had after that was swelling. But since the bite was on his face it made him really nervous to see his face swollen and therefore we had to make sure to keep watch on him for awhile.

I finally talked to my friend that I mentioned in the previous post, not much to say about it though. He says I didn't do anything, he's just busy. I'm not convinced that's all there is to it, but I'll take that answer for now. Though to be honest I'm not really up to being chatty with him now anyway.... I don't like to feel "tossed aside".


Blogger Carol said...

Nope, Amy - haven't given up on you at all with the Mermaid Heaven SAL :-)

11:27 PM, September 07, 2005  
Anonymous Joyce in NH said...

Hi, Amy,
I'm so glad to see you posting again. I've missed you! It's wonderful to have fall here, and to feel like stitching again. Reading is good, too :).

Joyce in NH

7:42 AM, September 09, 2005  

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