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Thursday, February 2

My February Stitching Goals:
Finish Little Butterfly
Finish Foghorn Leghorn
Complete just the first bunny in Happy Easter
Work on San Man Friends Come in All Shapes and Spices

How I did on my January Goals:
Finish Rose Heart Assisi - Finished!
Finish Classic Car for charity - Never even took this one out of the bag
Work on San Man Friends Come in All Shapes and Spices - Worked on it 2 times

For Christmas a great friend of mine gave me a Gift Certificate to
ABC Stitch
I got my order in the mail finally a little over a week ago.
Here is what I got:

Pinn Stitch - Every Heart Needs Love
Dimensions - Northern Dignity
Bent Creek - Cat-O-Lantern
Imaginating - Hooping It Up (KIT)
Jeanette Crews Designs - Wannabee Bears/Butterflies
Mirabilia - Fairy Flora

(click on the photo above to view larger)

Fairy Flora I've wanted to stitch for a long time, but I won't even begin to think about stitching her until I get either Angel of Fantasy or Mermaid Heaven done and neither of those have even seen the light of day for a few months now!

Northern Dignity I had a framed photograph of and it got ruined, so when I saw this in a cross stitch pattern I thought it would be nice to have... though I didn't realize the background is all in half stitch and I'm leary about starting one like that since I know my stitches go in the opposite direction of how the chart shows and I'm not sure if it would look right if I stitched it the other way.. I just need to get brave and try one out!

Wannabee Bears/Butterflies Aren't they the sweetest little patterns! I just fell in love with them when a Yahoo group friend Jackie finished one up a while back.

Hooping It Up Now this is one naughty little kitty! LOL It was too cute not to get, I just love these attitudy Silly Snobs little black kittens.

Every Heart Needs Love How can anyone pass up these cute little faces holding those Valentine hearts?? I've been tempted to open that kit up right now and start stitching! But I'll hold off since I know I've got so many more to finish up first.

Cat-O-Lantern I saw this awhile back when Jenn finished and just loved it so when I saw it on sale I snatched it right up!
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Blogger Carol said...

Hi Amy - those are some great stitching plans!! Jenn and I are still working on Mermaid Heaven - come on and join us!!!

11:13 PM, February 02, 2006  
Blogger Ann-Charlotte said...

I love the items you ordered. I want some of them too :-)

As for the half stitches, here's some info I found about it; at the end of that section. I hope the link works or I can send it to you in an email later on...

Good luck on your Feb goals

3:05 PM, February 03, 2006  

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