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Friday, February 24

So I'm in a mood! (and not a good one! LOL)

And no, this has absolutely nothing to do with stitching, but it's a subject I feel VERY strongly about.
Pets! In this case Dogs...

I'm not naming any names, only stating that I'm extremely upset not only at the situation but the way I have been treated for pointing out that there is a situation in the first place.

I will never understand why someone would even want a dog if they have no intention of ever and (I mean EVER) letting the dog into their home?

But for this person who asked my advice on how a dog should be cared for to turn on me is beyond me!
She ended up making it a whole big production with a mutual friend (who I had this same conversation with a year ago).

I have now been accused (by the 1st person) of being a backstabber and bad friend for expressing the same concerns to her friend...

As I said above this 2nd person came to me asking advice on dog care knowing that I've always had dogs in my life.. and she needed help on how to care for her new dog (that she ended up not keeping way)

In the middle of this conversation she said she wanted to just leave her dog (a medium sized long haird dog) outside all the time never to come in her home...
I told her that I thought this wasn't something she should do... and she then brought up (NOT me) that the 1st person leaves her 2 dogs outside, and I told this 2nd person that I think it's a terrible/horrible thing to leave your dogs unattended outside in the elements of cold, heat, storms, wild animals, and at risk of being abducted.

This 2nd person then went back to tell the 1st person that I called her horrible. OK now Please tell me, who is the back stabber here? hmmmm

So now just for the heck of it I will post some Dog Care info!

Here is the start of the article on the Humane Society page for further reading click here

The HSUS strongly recommends that all pets be kept indoors with the family. We do not discourage pet owners from letting their dogs spend time outside, as long as the animals are supervised and under control at all times. But leaving a dog outside for long periods, especially if he or she is chained or otherwise tethered, can be physically, emotionally, and behaviorally detrimental. Dogs need companionship, care, exercise, and attention.

Tethering or otherwise leaving a dog outside for an extended period without supervision not only deprives the animal of these things, but can also lead to behavior problems (including aggression). It may place the dog in serious physical danger: A confined or tethered dog is unable to escape the harsh effects of weather (heat, cold, storms, etc.), attack by other animals, or theft or abuse by humans. The HSUS receives countless calls and letters from pet owners and neighbors about dogs who have died from exposure or been stolen, abused, or even killed while left tied outside.

And also from the Humane Society website this is stated in the top 10 Dog Care rules list:
Give your dog proper shelter. A fenced yard with a doghouse is a bonus, especially for large and active dogs; however, dogs should never be left outside alone or for extended periods of time. Dogs need and crave companionship and should spend most of their time inside with their family.

As an added bonus lol here is a photo of my little Taylor being a good boy and hanging out on the couch ;)


Blogger artystitches said...

I completly agree with you, i love dogs and have had them around me when i was growing up.

They need to be indoors, and need love and attention, what is the point of having a dog if it is kept outside.

I would report them to the RSPCA it is cruel to leave dogs outside all the time.

and good on you for saying something about it.

6:32 AM, February 25, 2006  
Blogger Bastet said...

One reason I won't own a dog is I live in an apartment. There's no yard for the creature to run in. A friend of mine used to have a lady living above her who was supposedly trying to rehabilitate a mean dog. I kept urging them to call the cops on her. The dog had attacked two of my godsons. Luckily they had on thick jackets at the time. Then the dog had the gaul to try and bite their father,and even snarled and bared it's teeth at me. All her owner said was that she was trying to rehabilitate the dog so we should just ignore the dog. She never once told the dog it was misbeaving and never had a muzzle on the thing. She had the muzzle on the two well behaved chows. In regards to your post, I don't think a dog should be outside permantly. A lot depends on where a person lives, but they should be outside even if it's only the backyard and you're in the house and glance out now and then, but never all the time. Weather conditions can be the worst. I'm going to cut this short, I'm starting to climb that soapbox...

6:33 PM, February 26, 2006  
Blogger Kim said...

I also agree with you. Dogs need lots of TLC and love nothing more than being with their owners. I think some people like the idea of having a pet more than being with the pet.

11:11 AM, February 27, 2006  
Blogger Stitchermommy said...

Hey there neighbor. My name is Beth (Jennxstitch knows of me from a group that we belong to). I live in NH so I am not that far from you. Hoping to get to know you and hopefully add you to my blogger friends list.


8:09 PM, February 27, 2006  
Blogger Craz4acop7 said...

I both agree and disagree to some extent with your philosophy on dogs being outdoors. I agree completely that all small dogs should be kept indoors as much as possible (let out only to do their business and for SUPERVISED exercise). However, there are some larger breeds that prefer to be outdoors for the majority of their time. We have a very large German Shepherd who stays mostly outside. But, even then there are many precautions taken. She has a HUGE backyard that she roams freely in. Never tied or chained. The yard is fenced in with locks on the gates. She has 24/7 access to fresh food and water. She has a warm, lighted, insulated house of her own. She gets lots of socialization daily from me, my husband, and our kids. She gets daily walks and obedience training. On the flip side, she is also very well-behaved indoors and is allowed inside whenever she wants or when the weather is bad. She takes baths in my bathtub and loves to lie on the rug in the den and watch tv. LOL :)

6:12 PM, March 05, 2006  
Blogger thatfarmgirl said...

Sheesh. Dogs are domesticated animals that want to spend time indoors with their humans. If people want outdoor animals, they should buy sheep.

9:51 PM, April 13, 2006  

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