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Wednesday, April 19

I started this on Monday night, only stitched a little bit the last 2 nights and this is my progress so far. Below these words will be 3 little chicks coming out of their eggshells.

I actually feel guilty for stitching this, since I should be stitching my Charity ones that are late... but I need the extra push to get me going. The Looney Tune Foghorn Leghorn was driving me nuts and so every time I went to stitch I just didn't.. I got everything out, put the TV on, stitched a stitch or two and that was it!! It just sat in my lap till I put it away. I just couldn't will myself to stitch on it! There are a lot of color changes in the Target around his head.... and the fabric I choose is just too soft and the stitches just look all wrong to me.
I'm used to stitching on Charles Craft and I'm never satisfied with anything else I guess. I choose this fabric because it was all I could afford. I went to Wal-mart to get 2 small packs of white fabric and they didn't have the Charles Craft packs ... they only had the tubes which were more money and there would be a lot of wasted fabric that just wasn't big enough to stitch anything else on... But they had these small packs that are Wal-mart brand and were only .99 I guess I should have gotten the 2 bigger ones and spent the extra money :(

Anyway, This pattern you see here is called Spring is Peeping Out and is by San Man Originals. I thought it was just too cute and looked easy so I know it will give me that push I need to want to stitch again... so now I'll try and stitch on the Looney Tune again this weekend :)


Blogger KaLu said...

hi amy! nice to see you're posting in your blog again,
I really like that SanMan you're stitching its so cute, but i havent gotten to stitching it yet so maybe when i see your finished that will give me a little push.
I'll be stalking your blog for new updates

3:05 PM, April 19, 2006  
Blogger Kim said...

It looks very cute so far! I love those San Man projects, they are so adorable. :D

5:32 PM, April 19, 2006  
Blogger Mary said...

Nice job! I can't wait to see more of the stitching as you go along!
Mary :-)

9:03 PM, April 19, 2006  
Blogger Terri said...

I like it so far! And since I am in such a Spring Mood will enjoy watching this one take shape a lot!

6:50 AM, April 20, 2006  
Blogger artystitches said...

Looks like it is going to be a cutie.

5:49 AM, April 23, 2006  
Anonymous Carin said...

Very nice work. The san man pattern is great !

7:14 PM, April 26, 2006  
Blogger casa da nana said...


I have loved all of your works.
I am from portugal and I'm also an addicted to cross stitch.
If you feel like, please take a look ate
You may not understand a word of what's written, but you will certainly understand the passion for cross stitch :)


1:45 PM, May 28, 2007  

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